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The Fabulousness of Beauty, Entertainment and Charity

By Mark Thaler
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Hello Everyone!  First, I would like to thank the Goddess Isis for gracing us as our June Queen of the Month.  You have been simply magnificent and we are grateful for the wonderful contribution you have made here. 

Where has this year gone?! Can you believe we’re already in mid-summer?  I can, because our July Queen of the Month is truly a Midsummer Night’s Dream…San Francisco’s own Ana Mae Coxxx! 



Ana Mae Coxxx (aka Matt) is a vivacious queen with a beautiful heart.  She holds titles in the Court System, but considers herself more of an independent drag queen.  She doesn’t label herself just as “Court Queen” because she is an entertainer who raises funds in a variety of ways, which DO include the Court System.  While Ana Mae does her entertaining mainly at the bars and clubs, she also performs at private parties, theaters, halls and other venues.


When asked about her greatest inspirations, Ana Mae shares with us, “MY ORIGINAL DRAG MOTHER!   She was simply phenomenal!!!!  She has passed on now, but she taught me to use what I had to create a CHARACTER and then do everything to preserve and expand that character - all while being a “lady”.


Ana Mae Coxxx performs to a variety of musical styles and artists, which include Sutton Foster, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Stephanie J Block, Jessie J, Alicia Keys, and MANY more.


When elaborating on Ana Mae’s style of drag, she tells us, “Anyone who has EVER seen me perform knows that I have a style all my own.  I definitely am known for my “show” numbers, but it all depends on where I am performing, and what the crowd is usually like.  That determines what I bring to that show!”



We then went on to ask Miz Coxxx what drag means to her and what it has done for her in her life and she lightheartedly shares with us, “Oh My!  I won’t get too detailed because it would take years!!  However, Drag has been a vehicle for me to do one if the things I know I am here to do which is help people!  One way is through fundraising.  It is proven that a queen can raise more money than a guy can!  Mainly because they are a character that is larger than life…so people are more “entranced” by them.  Another way I like to think I help people is through my performances.  Something that my friends could tell you I often say, "I want you to feel that feeling you forgot how to feel".  Through my performances I want to make you cry, laugh, scream - ANYTHING to keep you FEELING!!” 

For upcoming Queens, Ana Mae’s advice would be to “Create a character and be true to her, to really think about who you want this person to be and that she can always change (as we do) but THINK about it - it creates a lasting impression on your audience much more than you can imagine!”

To our readers, Ana Mae says “I am grateful to every person who has or ever will see me perform!  You inspire me every day!  When I don’t know how I will make it and I hear that clap of hands or that screech when I am announced - the world seems right again!”

Ana Mae Coxxx is the founder and owner of her own production company, Coxxx Entertainment which you can find at and she also has her own Haus, which is the Haus of Coxxx at


Regarding fundraising, Ana Mae says, “I believe in the work that they (charity organizations) do and I will raise money for any 501c3!  I do tend to focus on smaller charities as every penny counts to them and also ones focusing on children or people living or affected by HIV.”

From us here at Imperial Palace:  Ana Mae Coxx, you are a remarkable queen who is very inspiring and uplifting and you are a superb example that Drag Queens are not just entertainers, but also people who bring aid to those in need through fundraising efforts.  You are a queen who leads by example and you are someone that others can follow in greatness.  We are truly, truly honored to have you here as our July Queen of the Month and thank you so much for sharing with us.


Here are some events coming up during her month as reigning Queen of the Month:

July 5th (and every First Friday of the month):  Coxxx Cabaret: YEHAW! - Coxxx Saddles Up! – (at Café Flore in San Francisco) “My monthly show Coxxx Cabaret has me heading to the country for FUN NIGHT to benefit the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association - Bay Area Chapter.

July 14 (and Every Second Sunday):  Ruby’s Lipstick Revue - at The STUD (Ana Mae Coxxx is a co-producer and entertainer for this show).

Every First Thursday of the month - The Lipstick Revue at Longboard Margarita Bar in Pacifica, CA.  About this, Ana Mae says “We journey to a straight bar to show them how it’s done every month for a fab show!”

Ana Mae Coxxx can also be seen regularly at:

-The Monster Show (Thursdays) at The Edge

-The Glamazone (Sundays), at The Cafe

-Dream Queens Revue at Aunt Charlie’s Lounge



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