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Check out our newest page for the Drag Timeline (powered by Dipity) an ever-growing work-in-progress, which is an interactive timeline of Drag Queen history.  For now, it is open so that anyone may enter historical drag events.  (To add to the Timeline, click on “View in Dipity”) Please keep any additions to the timeline clean, factual and viewer-friendly.  We want to be able to keep the “open” posting available.  If you would rather we post any historical events, simply send an email to

Click on any event in the timeline to expand that event.  You’ll be able to read about the event, see a photo and in many cases, there will be a video included in an event.

The timeline comes in four different views:   Timeline, Flipbook, List and Map.  Check them out below:

Timeline View (click on an empty space and drag to move the timeline left or right)

Flipbook View

List View

Map View

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